Fildo APK 2.9.7 latest version for android 2018 download

Fildo is the free mp3 fildo music download app and music stream app for android phone and tablets that offers a rather quality music download service, although it comes with an unattractive interface. Fildo is like the combination of Google and YouTube. Wonder how? It’s a modified search engine only for songs. It also provides the facility of streaming the songs you wanna hear in real time. Download options are also available. You can download your favorite singles, whole albums, and even discographies. And all of these are just some gentle taps away.

How many songs are there in the entire world? You’ve started to think “which type of dumb question is that! Have you lost it, mate!” LOL. There’s a reason to ask it. Now tell me, how would you find a particular song amidst of these countless number of tracks? Is that at all possible? Well, now some of you are in a bit of uncertainty. You’re not sure if it’s possible or not. Others are still thinking, “Yes, of course. I’ll simply ask Google and it will show me.” Okay, but what about all the fake links and ads? Ah! Now I get your attention, eh? Well, worry no more. Fildo APK 2.9.7 is here.

Specialty of Fildo APK 2018

Why is fildo music downloader app better than others? You are probably thinking, there are many such apps that can do the same. So what’s special about this app? Why I should choose this one? There is one simple answer to that. Unlike other similar apps, it doesn’t store any content. Rather it just streams the music and gives you the download facility. It just acts as a link between users and other services.

Fildo features –

Now that’s a pretty decent question. Let us give you some hints as to why you should choose to use it.

  • Everything about this app is like a FREE MEAL. You can stream and download music with absolutely 0 cost.
  • Homepage contains 4 different categories: Top Albums, Top Artists, Genres, and Top NetEase Playlists. You have the option to choose as you want.
  • It has basic music controls like play, pause, skip, toggle etc. making you able to use it easily.
  • The app provides music from various sources, so you’re finding a particular song and it isn’t there, that’s not gonna happen.
  • The music playback quality is really decent. You will love the soundtracks.
  • Wanna play an entire album or select multiple songs in a queue? You have the option to do that too.
  • And if you have mistakenly added an album to the playlist, you can very easily delete the entire queue.
  • Swipe from left to right and you will be presented with options like Login, Settings, and Last 100 Playlists among other stuffs.
  • The Last 100 Playlists is particularly interesting. It can be used to discover random songs which are good.

Download Fildo APK fildo apk 2.9.7 latest music download app for android

Free mp3 music download and music stream app Fildo v2.9.7 is available for free download. You can install Fildo app on different android running phone and tablet. Get Fildo APK latest 2018 version 2.9.7 file using the links below –

Latest version of the app also solved some design issues for high-resolution devices. Users as well can choose different bit rate to play depend on their Wi-fi and Mobile Data facility, pause sound if they get any call and then resume once call ends and share their spotify playlists.

Fildo APK latest version

Fildo APK latest version

But for many reasons like easy setup, smooth streaming, and direct downloading users have welcomed the app pretty solidly. After all, there must be some reasons for fildo music download app v2.9.7 to have a positive rating of 4.3, don’t you think so?